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April 29, 2017

MUST SEE VIDEO FOOTAGE: RejectzWorldWide Exclusive Interview with Legend General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun

If you didn't tune in, then you missed one of the illest interviews at that went down at RejectzWorldWide Radio's interview with Infamous Special Guest, the Legend, The One & Only General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun.  The interview was conducted by David Anglada, (GM of RejectzWorldWide Radio) aka Logic da Ghetto Celeb and Haze da Kidd.  General Steele discusses his new album "Building Bridges" and much more with us!  Always glad to see another legend still in the game making music and doing what they do best, while still opening doors for the newer generations!  Definitely learned a lot in this interview; if you missed it no worries, here's the recap. 18221544_1822331828093537_3597050875957654809_n The day was quite beautiful, weather was on point and the atmosphere at the station was amazing, instantly giving off that family vibe.  I was honored to be among great people, doing great things; overall great times!  The Rejectz Show kicked off as usual at 2PM, with Mama Rejectz and Haze da Kidd while DJ E*NYCE was doing his thing on the 1s & 2s, as we waited for the Legend General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun to arrive. I mean, if you don't know who Smif-N-Wessun must be one of the new generations that don't take the time to learn who the pioneers of the Rap/Hip Hop game are.  You really need to learn a thing, about a thing or few, to call yourself a Rap/Hip Hop fan!  (I made it easy for you...see the Wiki excerpt below.)   You can also see him LIVE @ The Bowrey tonight, May 1st. Check out the BucktownUSA website for mroe details. Bucktown USA Music's artist Vvs Verbal held down the fort until General Steele arrived a little later in the evening.  More on Vvs Verbal later - so keep reading! 18193980_10203106183091279_3805353839440077129_n General Steele LIVE @ RejectzWorldWide Radio (4/29/2017)

While General Steele arrived a little later than anticipated, he was well worth the wait.  I mean, c'mon... who wouldn't wait for him?  We were pleased and very grateful that he took time to kick it with RejectzWorldWide.  The interview itself was FIRE, or LIT as you youngin's would say.  Answering questions and discussing the history of Smif-N-Wessun, the movement and of course the new album titled Building Bridges, as well as other projects.  To hear the full details be sure to watch the fb live video here, courtesy of Haze da Kidd.

Now we all know the old saying burning bridges, so its nice to see a positive twist on that! Be sure to cop the new album General Steele and ES-K Presents Building Bridges by Bucktown USA.   The album has legendary features from Buckshot of Black Moon, Smoothe Da Hustler, Shabaam Sahdeeq, Rockness Monsta of Heltah Skeltah, and a posthumous cameo from his late great partner, Sean Price and many more. You can also order a copy from the official Bucktown USA Website, where you can also hear some music, see tour dates/purchase tickets.  Check out more from General Steele on the following social media sites & where to cop his latest album Building Bridges & More! | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramDuck Down Music | BuckTown USA | Boot Camp Click | iTunes |Amazon
General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun and Influence @ RejectsWorldWide Radio (4/19/17)
Wiki Excerpt -Smif-N-Wessun (a.k.a. Cocoa Brovaz) is a hip hop duo consisting of members Tek (Tekomin Williams) and Steele (Darrell Yates). Smif-N-Wessun comprise one quarter of the Brownsville, Brooklyn supergroup Boot Camp Clik, with Buckshot, Heltah Skeltah and O.G.C.  The duo debuted on Black Moon's 1993 album Enta da Stage, appearing on the tracks "Blac Smif-N-Wessun" and "U Da Man". They released their first single "Bucktown" b/w "Let's Git It On" in early 1994. "Bucktown" became an underground smash, and gave the group considerable hype for their debut album, Dah Shinin', released in January 1995. - See full Wiki Here
The first guest interview was with Bucktown USA Entertainment's artist Vvs Verbal.   We got to hear some exclusive new music and learned more about the artist Vvs Verbal and the projects he's currently working on.  While he has his own style you can hear the Boot Camp vibe in his music and flow; it's easy to see why he's a part of the Duck Down Music/Boot Camp Click family!  Vvs Verbal also posted Live on his Facebook and not only blessed us with some of his new music but also was up for spitting some freestyle bars. Haze da Kidd also spit some bars back and did a great job conducting the interview portion, while DJ E*NYCE set the melodies.  I'm sure the world will be seeing a lot more from Vvs Verbal, I for one will be following his journey!  Definitely check out Vvs Verbal on any of his social media accounts! | Facebook We were also treated with a special visit by Lionel Haggood the Founder of Mentally Unstable Records.  I've had the pleasure of personally known this man for longer than I can remember.  He's a brother from another to my blood brother - so that makes him family for life! He's been doing this rap thing for a hot minute, always shows a lot of support for his fellow up-and-coming artists, always a pleasure and breath of fresh air to be around.  And he's got bars for days too!  He's also the connection that helped make these interviews possible today!  Besides being an entertainer, one thing I know is he's a very hard worker/entrepreneur.  He does a million and one things and always keeps on grinding.  Much love, respect and thanks to the big bro' L-Haggood!  You can check him out on his Live Show The Mentally Unstable Show and be sure to follow him on his social media sites - | Facebook |Soundcloud | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | See Vvs Verbal, Lional Haggod & Influence LIVE @RejectzWorldWide Radio Station #MamaRejectz #RejectzWorldWideRadio #HazeTheKidd #DJENYCE #DavidAnglada #LogicDaGhettoCeleb #BuildingBridges #Interview #GeneralSteele #SmifNWessun #Legends #BCC #OGC #BuckTownUSA #VvsVerbal #Out2day4aBetter2morrow #LHaggod #MentallyUnstable

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